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About us



We believe in living passionately & purposefully, & the unlocking your full potential starts with better hydration.

 AQUA JORDAN is great tasting high-quality, ultra-pure, ionized alkaline water specially formulated for all people, all ages to get more from your water.

Our Mission

Our Values

Our mission is to improve lives through providing the world with superior and healthy hydration that enhances the quality of everyday life and inspire people everywhere to drink healthier and get more from their water.

AQUA JORDAN offers superior hydration without sugar, calories, or artificial additives. Using a proprietary blend of electrolytes and trace minerals 

AQUA JORDAN is enhanced with elevated alkaline levels help to bring your body back to balance.

Our Products

High-Quality, Ultra-Pure, Ionized Alkaline Water And Functinal drinks

Our Water

AQUA JORDAN Is This Powerful Synergy Between Alkalinity, Electrolytes And Minerals Which Fuels Ultimate Hydration, Balance And Performance.

Alkaline Water Has A Higher PH Level Than Regular Drinking Water. Because Of This, Alkaline Water Can

Neutralize The Acid In Your Body. Normal Drinking Water Generally Has A Neutral PH Of 7. Alkaline Water

Typically Has A PH Of 8 Or 9. However, PH Alone Isn’t Enough To Impart Substantial Alkalinity To Water.

Alkaline Water Must Also Contain Alkaline Minerals And Negative Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP).

ORP Is The Ability of Water To Act As A Pro- Or Antioxidant. The More Negative The ORP Value, The More

Antioxidant It Is. Aqua Jordan Water Is Uniquely Infused With Traces Of Naturally-Occurring lonic Alkaline

Minerals And Electrolytes With A Powerful High PH Of 8.5. Aqua Jordan Water Is A Super-Hydrating lonized

Alkaline Water That Is Designed To Refresh, Renew, And Revitalize Your Body.

A Refreshing lonized Alkaline-Hydrogen Rich Flavored Water Infused with H2 Antioxidant And A Blend Of

Vitamins And Minerals And Natural Flavors With A Great Taste That Make It The Perfect Companion For

High Mood, Celebration Or Occasions.